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Improvisers actively practice listening to each other, intentionally supporting each other's voices and ideas, and co-creating together with all the voices, gifts, and mutuality among the teammates. They practice building and maintaining trust, knowing that together they will have each other's backs. 

In a time when dialogue can often breakdown and be conquered by division, when debate can devolve into dissecting someone's opinions and perspective, where advocacy can bend towards shaming someone for not doing more - what could we become if we applied the wisdom of improv comedy? 

What could we become if we found ways to infuse our community with the collaboration that co-creates in the face of the unknown, makes meaning together, and collaborates to bring forth  the unimaginable? 

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let's co-create your own event

In workshop and retreat, the tools of improv are being brought into faith communities and church contexts to provide an experience that builds collaboration, active listening, practices collaboration, and supporting each other in co-creative work. 

How could these tools help your faith community? Let's talk.