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.suspended sense of the temporary.

Published on 23rd July 2019

We sit here

Illuminated in the dark

Streetlights among steep trees

Surrendering to the wind

Everyone in their homes for the night

Tucking in their families

Bedtime routines underway

Near my house


But the best attempt at


Is this music

This pup

This moment

This infinite and fleeting moment

Headed somewhere ahead

Yet I feel



By the now

To which I’m supposed to attend

But to what end? 

I breathe it in

My life

This wind


If I even know

In what direction

I long to wander


In recent years

Replaced by loyalty


Replaced by


What makes this one life

So precious to pursue and peruse

Reduce and reuse

our energy

for the sake of

breeding new life

in this skin

what does it mean to win

at this game

we’re playing

by staying


trying to thrive

in some unforeseen endeavor

or internal balance lever

helping us find our footing

surfing upon the waves

crashing upon the shore

breathing in

only to breathe back out

and try to steady

or surrender

to the ebb and flow

of all that must go

so that we might deeply know

how to trust our feet

follow the internal beat

the sound of hearts

the nudge of our gut

avoiding the rut

in which we get stuck

on this treadmill

that moves

without making progress

but the internal

is the game

the healing is the name

of this work and this

never-ending flow

of growth

suspended sense of the temporary

bids us grow deeper

root to rise

and arrive

to the eternal

amidst this never-ending

deep breath

moving through us.

moving us through

one season


into the next...