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.out the window.

Published on 2nd July 2019

Out the window

I stare


At the red and orange hue

That lights up my nearly night sky

So recently it was raining

The sky covered in gray

matching the gravel and concrete below



the greenĀ 

life in trees and fields

More vibrant against the backdrop of the stormy sky

Sings a new song of the growth

That lies ahead after the work of the rain

Runs down

Pouring over our lives

Spilling into our souls

Flooding and drowning us from within

You cannot find a place to breathe in this day

In this load

In this uncertainty of when the next help and support will come

But then,

The heavy rain fades

The clouds begin to pass their peace and kiss goodbye

And the sun lights up the not-yet-dark

With hues

Holy news

shades of hope.

I hope

You soon

See the gray reveal the light

The radiant sky before the night

The summer sun shining through the clouds

To make their warming way

Into your dreary