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.for only a quarter.

Published on 1st September 2019

It costs me

a quarter

To cross

this border

to get back into the States

A quarter

To get across

And back


A quarter.

So free,

Some days

found carelessly


on the ground

So insufficient

To measure the safety of a life

A life

Also often lost

On this desert

And deserted


Your life and story


Often found

After you’ve taken great risk

At great cost

To make your way through


Someone will notice your need

On the other side

Respond to your plea

And provide

For a path to arrive safely

In the arms of compassion

In the aim of justice

In the work of mercy.

You deserve this

For your life

To matter

To be worth more

Than a quarter.

A turnstyle

A bridge

Multiple layers of walls

We’ve built the barriers

We claim you violate

A desert

Used as a weapon

To funnel your life into forgotten soil

We drove down on a bus

To make the trip

That others die taking.

A quarter

Is all my privilege cost me.

A quarter.

I wish I could give you

The same simplicity

For safety

Afforded to me.