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Encountering the Self

Published on 12th July 2018

"Rooted in Grace: Essays on Dialogue Without Division", Ed: Larry Duggins & Andrea Lingle, 2018.

For the heartbreak I carry, we pray

For the heaviness within me that yearns to connect

For the grief that I carry

For the ways that I’ve tried

We give thanks

For the ways I’ve not listened

For the judgments I’ve leapt to

For assumptions I’ve made

We offer forgiveness

I am here

I am still trying

Among the rest

Together, we hold our heaviness and our efforts with honor and care

May we find at this table 

a grace that helps us 





And listen

May we be patient

have compassion for ourselves

We are here

We are trying

We are held in the infinite grace and mercy of

The God who abides

The Spirit who enlivens

The Jesus who forgives

Thank you, fellow strugglers

For your presence

Thank you for honoring mine

We are here and we are trying

May this space at the table knit us together