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Committing to Conflict

Published on 12th July 2018

"Rooted in Grace: Essays on Dialogue Without Division", Ed: Larry Duggins & Andrea Lingle, 2018.

For the work among us, we pray

may we remain here

within our bodies

among our Body

grounded in breath

breathing in shared Spirit

May we sit and break


not brotherhood

among a God who calms storms

orders chaos

breathes life into dry bones

resurrects the dead

May we sit and break


not covenants

among a God who bleeds


restores the lost and cast out

Bring us into oneness

order the chaos within and among us

May we join your creativity

and compassion

amidstĀ  conflict and struggle

keep us wrestling

mend our hearts

even as we stumble and limp

so that we might


be your Body

made one

in your image.




May this space at the table knit us together