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Published on 24th July 2019

I refuse to be your


The emotional labor

Of listening

And holding

Wears me down


If you don’t ask

If I have


Or space.

I know that you face

A scary place

But I cannot keep pace

From your grip

I need slip


For my own sense of prayer

And self-care


Of my limits

And the God I trust

Within this


Too heavy for my own self to bear.

I do deeply care,

But I long for you

To be more aware

Of your keen and unique

Ability to


And listen

And find healing


Release me

as savior

Let me be your friend

Release me as healer


do depend

On God and yourself

To arrive

all the time

And let me be free

To show up

and see

your beautiful, radiant strength

Trust in

and share

your wisdom abundant

Please do declare

your creativity, resplendent

Lean in

and hear

your strength in your soul


and breathe in;

your heart’s already whole.

for you are a garden

a deep abundant well

and Christ already

meets you

and carries you from hell

your life rich with purpose

your body a great teacher

i don’t have your answers

i’m not always your preacher

I want to embrace you

and face you

in mutual care

I want to witness

your work

of self-creation

with deep elation

i want to cheer you on

and bless your journey

Without fearing

You’ll pull me under-

-current of your own chaos.

we may only

Find and create

the dance

if we each hold responsibility

for our own

weary and wise

bruised and brave

soulful and strong