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.waiting for (god)ot.

Published on 8th December 2019

I hear you, wanting a child and enduring the weary walk of tests and procedures. I hear you, hoping in numbers to improve and miracles to emerge at the microscopic level.

I hear you, bent over sorrowful in the loneliness of your journey, still grieving a connection that never came. 

I hear you, watching who you thought you'd be by this stage in your life unraveling before your eyes.

I hear you, still arriving to each day, making meaning in rituals and routine, persistently practicing a hope that keeps walking forward no matter how much you may want to sit and stop. 

I hear you, walking away from what and who disregards the truth you know about yourself, and walking with courage and self-compassion towards honoring the life and gifts that emerge from within you. 

In the mythology and story of the Christian tradition, incarnation is God arriving with us, within us, and among us ("Emmanuel"). Advent remembers: God does not remain beyond us, beckoning us to depart from our selves so that we might encounter the sacred. 

I suspect that the closer we get to what brings life, what nourishes our energy and gifts, what invites us into generosity, kindness, hospitality, and mutuality - these things are encounters with the Divine. I suspect that the closer we get to joy, to love that is deep and outpouring and abundant, to compassion for self and for others; these are encounters with the Divine.

As you continue to walk in whatever story you live in this day and the next, as you wait with (or for) hope, and for whatever it means to be waiting for God to arrive...

...May you encounter reminders in your own skin and soil, in your own situations and story, that God arrives to and within those, and considers your very being a great, sacred journey.

Second Sunday of Advent - Mark 1:4

“We light this candle as a symbol of Christ the Way. May the Word sent from God through the prophets lead us to the way of salvation. O come, o come, Emmanuel.”

May the ways the Christ works through us, pours into our lives, and invites us - may these be seen, encountered, and witnessed. May we look for prophetic voices that speak of healing, wholeness, and belovedness, as God herself. May we look for ways we encounter grace and rescue and support, as God herself. May we know incarnation is definitely a way God arrives and is encountered. May we be patient with ourselves when it surprises us to find God with our skin and our situations on, or the skin of others we struggle to tolerate, or in skin and situations we don't particularly consider all that sacred. May we know that our waiting is not in vain, our story continues, and there is always sacredness in (all) skin and story.