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Together, We Hold What May Be

Published on 18th October 2018

longing for home and hope and life

we journey

to know your journey and strife

your steps trust in home

hearts yearn for safety

two bathrooms

hundreds of passengers

patience on our ten hour flight

movies, distractions, and (dis) connections

the God of the road

has long left the temple

never was God there?

perhaps simply because you were

we are met where we are

thank goodness as we leave home

never to return

only re-create

'do i have the strength to rebuild what's been lost?'

the courage to create, and risk life?

soon a school,

open and hope-filled

we helped make this happen

Lebanon the host, epitomize hospitality

their identity chosen as those who take care of each other

she turns to face me,

to peer into the row behind her

scanning for friends

she says hello to the space between us

we arrive to meet her invitation

he videos and records, play and professional

footage out the window

this will be documented well

let us tell your story

you help teach us ours

together, we hold what may be

a backpack for your education

to carry your first day 

to carry your day of firsts

walls in which to create safety

so that your bodies and souls may

heal and emerge for air

breathe deeply, 

little one. 

arrive home to yourself, to your possibility, to your future.