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Published on 8th May 2019

i sit here daily

staring at this sky

cloud, horizoned, clear

bright, blue, gray, dark. 

the same lake and sky is different every day

the mind sometimes clear or clouded

i am waiting for my mind to calm

my soul to settle

my horizon to appear

how do we hold the questions

hard to answer

will i regret 

for the sake 


or holding

a possibility 

or the person

in front of me

what do I want? 

a life on paper

or a life lived out

invitational and messy.

and the invitations

what do they whisper? 


words that resonate

and yet

my heart


i don't want to convince her

i want to hear her

to not even woo her

just be near her

to hear her

what she has to say

not to rush her

persuade her

if my waters are still

i can sense the waves ripple over them

but i suspect i keep

splashing around

wondering about wind