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.single life. (Incomplete)

Published on 5th August 2019

NYTimes, Japanese women opt out of marriage

.single life. 

A woman’s embrace

Of a single 


This one single precious life

To live and breathe in


To live


Into oneself 

Not to relegate to the shelf

One’s hopes and dreams

For the sake of the team

That needs her

Loves her 

But squeezes her


Out of her seams

Care for children

And the home

Cultural standards 

Make her feel alone

Like a drone

Wiping and organizing 

And asked

To be whole

By being attached

To others. 

Relation is good 

For our selves

But community can happen

Without being left upon shelves 

In this

Single life

Must we be singular 

In order to be whole? 

To what extent

Can we learn

More of ourselves

In partnering and parenting? 

To what extent

Does saying yes

To culture’s ideas

For completeness in relationship

In proximity to identity 

Tethered to belonging another 

Mean we 




“They” say I’m not quite good enough, 


If not a wife

Or a mother,

But if I travel

Pay my own bills

And save

And serve

And nourish joy and love and justice

In my life, 

Am I not living


Is it about sex? 


Or the naming of being “chosen”?

What are if I choose me

Am I worthy as a chooser

To be a valid appraiser 

Of my worth and completeness

You speak of my value

Being found in pushing 

A child

Out of me

Letting a man into and enter me

Name me and claim me

But I don’t think 

Something need be 


To be considered