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.old alton.

Published on 7th November 2019

A bridge


With memory

Displays of devotion


The river whips around

Streams pour forth

Pulsing with recent rains

It’s as if

the then

to now

pours forth

with vigor.

No longer

A trigger,

Graffiti covers

The once pure

Brick red

Bridge, now


in messages

That betray our lack of care...


the river. 

Our stories once lived here

Walked and vowed here

No longer

Our story

Now only an echo

Whispering in the old wind

Flowing away down this playful river.

I shiver,

Today’s cold

Drenches this 7 year old


In liminal tension. 

Riley walked with us,

Now lays at rest,

She knows

It’s time to move on. 

Our family sat here

Smiling proudly,

I wear a white dress again today

But this time

Also black stripes;

I’m laced

with the darkness I’m learning to incorporate,

And rain boots.

More equipped to walk through

What is.

The colors

The leaves

Change again

Ushering the new season that has been growing within.


Precedes new life

Rushing in.

Red, in leaves, signals death;

blood departing the body it once inhabited

This red bridge

Is no longer necessary.

For we no longer need to cross back over

We won’t stand here together again

We won’t walk together


It’s not all held together here

Pieces and threads move forward with us

New weaves and new stories

The water ushers

Quickness today

No time to waste

There’s life ahead

“Don’t look here,

For the living among the dead,”

The angel said,

“You’ve risen.”